Trying to follow "WDS to implement a wireless network bridge" Instructions


The instructions at: Atheros and MAC80211 WDS to implement a wireless network bridge (wireless repeater) tell me to edit the /etc/config/wireless file (section Using SSH, para 3).
It cautions that I should "... ensure that you're editing the correct section".
My hardware (BT Home Hub 5A / xRX200 rev 1.2) is dual band. What questions/answers do I need to know so that I may determine which is the "correct section" ?

Regards, M.

  • "Do I wish to edit the 2.4 or the 5.4?"

Hi Wayne,

I'm sorry? That is too cryptic for me!
As the tutorial anticipated, I have 2 config wifi-iface sections in
my /etc/config/wireless file.
To which section do I add the line

option wds '1'

... and why?

'default_radio1' or 'wifinet1' or both?

config wifi-iface 'default_radio1'
         option device 'radio1'
         option network 'lan'
         option mode 'ap'
         option ssid 'myssid'
         option encryption 'psk2'
         option key 'mypass'

config wifi-iface 'wifinet1'
         option device 'radio0'
         option mode 'ap'
         option network 'lan'
         option key 'mypass'
         option encryption 'psk2'
         option ssid 'myssid'

Regards, M.

To the one you wish to change.

I assume because you:

  • want WDS


(If this doesn't assist you, perhaps it may help to explain what you're trying to accomplish with OpenWrt and why you're following that page to accomplish it. :smiley: )

Easiest way to set up repeater/bridge is to read here.
Pretty sure you need to install luci-proto-relay first to use your device as a repeater/bridge. This is not mentioned in the instructions you linked to.

radio0 should be 2.4GHz and radio1 5GHz. Is the router you are trying to repeat/bridge to also dual band? Easiest way do a scan on radio1 to see if device you wish to connect to appears.

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The simple gist is, you have to make a (static) decision which band to use for your WDS link (and configure the radios accordingly). Either 5 GHz XOR 2.4 GHz (trying to do both won't end well), if range allows it, 5 GHz should always be better - but if you have to stretch the range, 2.4 GHz might be unavoidable.

Read the wifi-device sections to see which radio number is which band. The number assignments result from a script probing for radios the first time that OpenWrt is booted, so the result (radio0 is the one that was found first) depends on the model.

While you are in the wifi-device sections, add an option country with your two letter country code. Do that on both radios. On the 2.4 radio, add a line option legacy_rates 0.

Thank you all for your advice.
The more expansive comments, in particular, are most helpful.

Regards, M.

Did you get it to work? Keen to confirm this. I just set mine up using LuCi by setting in main router 5Ghz WDS access point then on extension nodes connecting to that access point and setting WDS client. Firewall zone LAN.

This video is excellent:

But it is for mesh instead.

Videos with setup instructions might be helpful for certain topics in the wiki.

Hi Lynx,
No not yet. I have very limited time, so everything takes a lot longer than I would wish!
And I now foresee that time extending even more. Thanks to all the contributions, I need to consider THREE techniques - Relayd, WDS & Mesh.
So, my first problem is which to start with. It would be nice to have a boilerplate flowchart to hep with that decision but past experience would suggest that that is a long shot?

I also sympathise with your wish for additional advice. However, I fully understand how difficult it is to develop these tutorials. As someone who has tried many times (in other domains), I am constantly made aware that what I consider to be perfectly obvious in my notes, is far from clear to the reader!
... and from a personal view I am not all that keen on videos (they move too fast & are difficult to follow). I also like to be told WHY I am doing this or that, rather than just accepting that the author know what I want.
Rant over. I'll keep in touch...

Regards, M.

I think you can rule out Relayd:

I believe mesh is designed for the fairground scenario where wireless access points might be moving around and self-healing is desired.

If say you just want a few fixed extenders I believe WDS is the appropriate choice. In my experience it is also more robust as mesh has some stability issues. I would just try both and see which gives higher throughput and stability.