Try to install LEDE on Lamobo R1 but can't use the WAN Port


I'm new to openwrt and new to LEDE. However I setup a openwrt image yesterday succesfully on my Lamobo R1.

Today I wanted to try LEDE and downloaded the image from the download section. After installing I
can see the "startpage" from LEDE (set up passwd) while connecting via the Lan 1 to 4 Port of the R1.
But when I try to setup the WAN Port it won't work.

I only can see eth0, eth 0.1 which is the br-lan and the eth0.2 which is the WAN Port.
I can't see a eth1 interface, is that right?

So can you help me please? Please tell me what kind of output or logfile do you need and i will try to post it.

Thank you very much. When I switch my sd card to openwrt it runs fine, so it must be a configuration failure by myself?

Greetings Elluminatus