Trunking over wireless -- point to multi-point

Here is my topology:

Internet router + DHCP -> Base Station AP -> AP1, AP2, ... (i.e., AP1, AP2, ... are all connected to the Base Station AP)

The Base Station AP has SSIDs for individual VLANs and an SSID for trunking all WDS traffic. AP1, AP2, .. each have a VLAN SSID and a regular SSID.

Right now, I can reach the VLANs from the Base Station SSIDs geared for those VLANs. I cannot do the same from AP1, AP2, ...

I found Trunking over wireless? but it is aimed at P2P and statically configured the endpoints of the GRE tunnel but I need the traffic forwarding to happen for every connected AP.

Also, I cannot do mesh for various reasons -- I'm hoping I can just forward all traffic over WDS. Is this possible?