Troubleshooting wifi signal issues

are these values ok?
the % of wifi signal goes to 50 sometimes and sometimes 70+ what does that mean? im new to openwrt.

these are my nearby connections. also is noise value ok? and the last connection is my router "Mian House"
im using Wan connection of PPPoE

signals are ok but speed test gives speed of 2-3Mbps while internet speed is 10Mbps. i get 10Mbps on ethernet on wifi from a distance of 10-12 feet away with 1 wall interfering i get 2-3Mbps. please help from webpanel.

anyone have any idea?

I don't see a problem...can you better describe your issue?

Most of your questions ask are the values OK...but lacks information needed to make those determinations.

It means it was 50%....then 70% +...perhaps you should better describe what you find to be an issue.


the screenshots i have provided have you seen them? they are showing my nearby wifi, and the other screenshots are having the noise and other values, so im asking are they all okay?