Troubleshooting OpenWRT

Hi, how can I troubleshoot OpenWRT, specifically:

  1. Decide whether lines in the system and kernel logs are normal or errors.
  2. Increase the logging level, either for specific modules or the whole system.
  3. Find out where delays are happening.

I found nothing relevant in the Troubleshooting section of the User Guide.

You can start by articulating the exact problem you want to troubleshoot.

So is this the problem you're trying to solve? What delays are you experiencing? Can you further elaborate on the nature of these delays?

I gave details in my previous post which however received no useful replies. I was hoping more general questions might prompt some answers.

Instead of starting a new topic with the exact same title and zero specifics about your issue, you could revisit the other topic here (my apologies that I never responded -- it must have fallen through the cracks):

I'm going to close this thread since it doesn't serve any purpose. Please continue the conversation in your other thread.