Troubleshooting help needed with WiFi

Hi all,
at home we had often WiFi problems in the past which I was not able to repair. That's why I started using OpenWrt because the standard firmware did not offer the possibility to see any logs and gave me a start.

The problem was that some devices were connected to the wifi, but there was no possibility to access urls. So the connection was good but we had to disable the wifi to open any websites. Some devices did still work.
Sometimes a restart of the router could be helpful, but not always. And it should not be a solution to restart the router multiple times a day.

The situation is as follows:
We have a cable internet from our provider so the delivered router (Technicolor tc7200) is used as a bridge. Behind that i have the Xiaomi Wifi Router 3G with the following version: OpenWrt 18.06.4 r7808-ef686b7292
A speedtest to the provider via lan looks good, even in the time we discovered problems.

Since I installed openWRT I also had the problem that the SSID vanished and my devices were not able to connect any more to the SSID.

Can I provide any logs? Any configuration files? Should I change the log level to gain more details when the problems appear and where do i change that?

Thanks a lot in advance

Please explain how you solved your connectivity issue by disconnecting.

Change channels.

With a smartphone. So I did not solve my issues. I just went to the internet without the wifi and used my phone provider instead.

I switched the channels. But what could I do if every channel has SSIDs?

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Pick the least congested one.

I already tried but that is not helping. I have still problems with the WIFI

I had the same problem and wifi was unstable !! :roll_eyes::unamused: I changed channel to 1 and width to 40MHz, also changed Cipher to Force TKIP for now it's stable but I need to test it to make sure :wink:

I changed it to 40Mhz. For me it is AES because of security reasons. TKIP is not secure. But the problems are the same. In the log I just see a lot of this entries: