Trouble with avs-device-sdk (Amazon Alexa)

Have custom hardware with support of WM8960 audio codec. Able to record audio and play using arecord and aplay utilities.
Trying to get Amazon Alexa SampleApp working on this board.
Compile it based on PortAudio

Running compiled app at hardware throws following errors:

Expression 'ioctl( devHandle, SNDCTL_DSP_SPEED, &sr )' failed in 'src/hostapi/oss/pa_unix_oss.c', line: 421
Expression 'ioctl( devHandle, SNDCTL_DSP_SPEED, &sr )' failed in 'src/hostapi/oss/pa_unix_oss.c', line: 421

Here what I see when compile SampleApp:

$ make -j4 package/alexa/compile
 make[1] package/alexa/compile
 make[2] -C feeds/packages/libs/libffi host-compile
 make[2] -C package/libs/toolchain compile
 make[2] -C package/libs/gettext-full host-compile
 make[2] -C package/libs/libiconv host-compile
 make[2] -C feeds/packages/devel/ninja host-compile
 make[2] -C feeds/packages/libs/expat host-compile
 make[2] -C package/utils/bzip2 host-compile
 make[2] -C feeds/packages/libs/libogg compile
 make[2] -C feeds/packages/libs/opus compile
 make[2] -C package/libs/ncurses host-compile
 make[2] -C package/libs/nghttp2 compile
 make[2] -C package/libs/openssl compile
 make[2] -C package/system/ca-certificates compile
 make[2] -C package/libs/mbedtls compile
 make[2] -C package/firmware/linux-firmware compile
 make[2] -C package/firmware/prism54-firmware compile
 make[2] -C feeds/packages/utils/attr compile
 make[2] -C feeds/packages/libs/glib2 host-compile
 make[2] -C feeds/packages/libs/libffi compile
 make[2] -C package/libs/gettext compile
 make[2] -C package/libs/zlib compile
 make[2] -C package/libs/libiconv compile
 make[2] -C feeds/packages/lang/python/python3 host-compile
 make[2] -C feeds/packages/libs/libvorbis compile
 make[2] -C package/kernel/linux compile
 make[2] -C feeds/packages/libs/libxml2 compile
 make[2] -C feeds/packages/libs/liboil compile
 make[2] -C feeds/packages/libs/libtheora compile
 make[2] -C package/libs/ncurses compile
 make[2] -C package/network/utils/curl compile
 make[2] -C feeds/packages/libs/glib2 compile
 make[2] -C feeds/packages/devel/meson host-compile
 make[2] -C feeds/packages/libs/libedit compile
 make[2] -C feeds/packages/libs/sqlite3 compile
 make[2] -C feeds/packages/multimedia/gstreamer1 compile
 make[2] -C feeds/packages/libs/alsa-lib compile
 make[2] -C package/alexa/gst1-plugins-base-alexa compile
 make[2] -C feeds/packages/sound/portaudio compile
 make[2] -C package/alexa/alexa compile

In feeds/packages/sound/portaudio/Makefile I see that it compiled with ALSA not OSS:

$ cat feeds/packages/sound/portaudio/Makefile | grep with
	--with-alsa \
	--without-asihpi \
	--without-jack \
	--without-oss \

So what did I miss? How to make portaudio to be compiled with ALSA ?
Thank you.