Trouble Updating to TLS 1.2 on pcDuino 3

Hi Everyone.
Apologies if this is not to correct group on this forum.

I'm having trouble updating to TLS 1.2 on my pcDuino 3 and cannot connect to any website other than Google or pinging

See attached return from my terminal when attempting to run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install --only-upgrade openssl"
OneDrive Folder_pcDuino_TLS1.2

Seems from what I can tell is a server from a company called LinkSprite. I think the company has disbanded and no longer offers any services…

Also seems LinkSprite was lead/CEO by a guy named Jingfeng Liu who is the creator of pcDuino.
Also Link Sprite does not monitor their forums nor respond to queries of any sort.

There’s got to be an alternative to updating the SSL certs…

Has anyone updated their TLS lately?

apt tells me you’re not running OpenWrt.

(You file is not retrievable on a phone)

If you are running OpenWrt, packages basically never should be upgraded, only a new, self-consistent ROM and set flashed.

Hi Jeff you will need to open the file in Notepad...etc.
I have not installed OpenWrt.

Thanks for your advice. from the terminal what command flashes this update to the current TLS 1.2?


Would you mind explaining why you think OpenWrt's forum is suitable when asking for support for a completely other piece of software?



When you do post your question on an appropriate forum, links of the form you provided, especially for text content, are completely unusable on a phone and probably on several tablets. I also would never download and open something from a poster I did not know very well.

Your content could have been posted as plain text in a pre-formatted mode, or on any of a number of paste-and show sites

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Uhm... but you're clearly not running OpenWrt?

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This forum does not allow new users to post more than two URL's in the same post. The information I'm attempting to supply has more than 50 URL's as the device is attempting to update the "openssl" library. Hence the notepad attachment...

How OpenWrt manages packages has nothing to do with

Have you read the original post? The device can not reach any other websites other than It has TLS 1.0 and needs updated to 1.2. So I can not install from the internet.


You need to talk with the vendor of your software.

It is not OpenWrt.

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