Trouble setting up basic VLAN on Linksys EA8300 (22.03)

Hi all,

I am struggling to find a straight forward current guide to create a VLAN for my router (Linksys EA8300) for OpenWrt 22.03.

I basically want to create two virtual lans. One for use with my home server and sensitive devices, like my laptop, and another for general devices like phones, games consoles and gaming systems.

I tried following a guide linked here by OneMarcFifty and somehow managed to soft brick my router and had to reset LuCi and my config. I am apprehensive to try again but having separate VLAN's is something I am very keen to setup, but I can't wrap my head around it.

Could anyone link or suggest a more up to date and possibly simpler guide or give me some tips, preferably via LuCI? The router is connected to my modem and no device but my server is physically connected to the router via Ethernet. Everything else is connected via wireless. The router has two 5Ghz antenna and one 2.4Ghz. I don't have any other routing devices.

Thanks for reading!

the hardest part (at least for me) was not losing access while doing the configurations

I solved it at first by changing the wan interface

now for emergencies I connect a usb - ethernet adapter and I can make all the changes without having to worry about losing access to lights.

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if you don't have other access points and you just need a protected environment for your iot and guest devices you could solve it even without vlan (vlans carry the signal tagged or not via ethernet)

based on the choice you will make if I may I would like to help you

in the meantime choose if you want to create the vlans or not

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When it comes to custom VLANs on ipq40xx, I strongly suggest to upgrade to 23.05~ (and with that DSA instead of swconfig) first, before diving into the details.


I completely agree

skip version 23.05.0-rc1 (to some problems)

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Thanks a lot for the quick and helpful replies ncompact and slh, sorry I have been slow to get back to you both on my end!

I did see your suggestions on upgrading to 23.05.0-rc2 before trying to sort out a VLAN. That seems like the best path as I would like to learn something that will be useful for me going forward, rather than learning one method for swconfig only to switch to DSA when I inevitably upgrade my router.

I am just waiting to clear up some time to complete the upgrade (likely the weekend) as from what I understand, my routers settings and packages will be reset during the upgrade, requiring me to set everything up again.

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It is notoriously known that ipq4019 behaves strangely with VLAN. For example:

DSA (in 23.05) is supposed to solve this.

Yes, restart from scratch, it'll be better.