Trouble Deciding Which Repository To Use With OpenWrt

I recently gained a root shell on my old router (Sagemcom FAST 5364) when I attempted to run opkg update it gave me an error relating to the fact that its repository was on a local IP (presumably from testing at Sagemcom) was not accessible, Through some research I found out the SOC in my router is a Broadcom BCM63137. As i am not familiar with these arm SOCS I would like to ask if anyone knows what repository I should use with opkg?

I'm guessing that this is not running an official stable version of OpenWrt.

What is the output of:

ubus call system board

This doesn't appear to be supported by any recent official version.

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when I call ubus I receive "-ash: ubus: not found"

afaik it runs a custom version of openwrt modified by sagecom

Since that is likely the case, you should direct your question to Sagecom.


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