Tripmate TITAN Travel Router

I own a Tripmate TITAN Travel router, and wonder if OpenWRT is an option for it?

Thank for your help!

On a first look it doesn't seem to be supported.[Brand*~]=tripmate

That model is also known as the TM-05. It has MT7620 chip and 8/64 memory.

This page suggests running GL-MT300n firmware on it.

The GL-MT300n also has an official OpenWrt build.

Severe security problems exist in the HooToo stock firmware.

I have a TM-05 successfully running GL-MT300n firmware on it (OpenWRT 15.05). I would like to upgrade it to any latest release of OpenWRT in order to run wireguard on it. Any direction would be appreciated !

FYI - OpenWrt support for HT-TM05 has only recently been added.

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