Trigger Port Forward on WAN from LAN

Dear Networking Masters,

I do have same problems accomplishing a Port Forward on a WAN Interface from a LAN Interface.

My ISP allows me to have up to four public IPs, one for each port on their modem. This gives me the opportunity to seperate the IPs of different LANs (especially the ones reachable from outside via DDNS) from my main Home LAN. For this purpose I use the 4 Ethernet ports originally dedicated for LAN on my Netgear R7800 to connect to the 4 ports on the Modem and the original WAN port as a connection to my Netgear Managed Switch.
In the network settings I set up 4 WAN Interfaces and 4 LAN Interfaces (The LAN ones are VLANs on a single physical port). Each WAN and each LAN Interface has it's own Firewall Zone, and using VPN Policy Routing every LAN connects to the outside via it's corresponding WAN interface.

Now I want to Port Forward Port 80 and 443 to my Home Server using DDNS on WAN2. I set up a basic Port Forwarding Rule (80 443) from WAN2 to the IP of my server on LAN2. From the outside I can reach the server without problems, BUT if I want to reach it from a device inside (for example LAN1 or LAN3) the Forwarding Rule doesn't apply and the browser tries to access the LUCI interface (my understanding is the request goes something like that: Internal device -> LAN 1 Interface -> WAN2 Interface Port 80).
Is there an elegant way to force OpenWRT to route the request via WAN1 so the WAN2 Port Forwarding rule would apply?

Thanks for any help!

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thanks a lot! Sometimes it really can be quite simple :smiley:

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