Tri-radio AX recommendation

I'm planning to rework my home networking since most of my clients are AC/AX capable. My current hardware are asus rt-ac58u, wr1043nd, and mobile LTE modem. The internet speed is not that fast—only 100 mbps upto. The reason I want to upgrade are:

  • First, there is an old smartphone (a/b/g/n) that can only connect to 149+ channels due to old regulations in my country.

  • Second, there are two Samsung phones (A04s and A14) with "broken" firmware. When the units connect to 5 GHz at a 149+ @80 mhz channel, they only get a 72 mbit link, but if I change the channel to 36–64 @80 mhz, the units get a full 433 mbit link.

  • Planning to build wireless local file sharing so local 10MByte UL/DL is minimum.

The rest are fine (a few laptops and smartphones from Xiaomi and Realme).

And here is my whitelist:

  • A second hand mr8300 around US$50/pcs. If there is a 3x3 or 4x4 tri-band openwrt capable let me know.
  • BPI-R64 and two MT7916s from AsiaRF or MT7922
  • or BPI-R3 mini (soon) and an additional pcie AX card (MT7916 from AsiaRF or MT7922).

My budget is around US$150 for one wifi/router.

thanks in advance and forgive my bad grammar.

Xiaomi ax9000 might fit the bill.

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I've been eyeing the router, but the price is a bit above my budget. not to mention the aesthetic though. Spec-wise, I'm a bit surprised the developers can use the integrated radio beside the onboard in ax9000.

I've been looking at toh AX table (and asking local community) and most of the routers either use the integrated radio or the onboard chip (there is an exception like the MT7621 or MT7622bv).

Asus Lyra AC2200, no AX though.

You were asking for tri-radio and 802.11ax, which is a rather new, exotic and expensive combination - the only currently (fully) supported device matching that description is the Xiaomi ax9000 - and it isn't even exceeding your budget by much. Design elements weren't part of your listed requirements, and with a selection of one, there aren't that many alternatives.

Yes, there are a couple of other devices on the market that could potentially be supported, but those are both more expensive and not supported yet (would need considerable hands-on development).

Sorry for late reply. Yeah my bad I didn't add design elements as requirements. Sad news is the router is OOS in my local market place -_- (importing from aliexpress is another story with the current custom condition). Anyway thanks for the recommendation.

Resurrecting this post (probably OP has already made their choice, but anyway)

Don't know about other possibilities, but I recently purchased a pair of AX9000s and got them up and running with BATMAN 802.11s mesh backhaul. All 4 radios (yes, 4, not a typo) working albeit with a few constraints on what can / cannot be configured under Openwrt.

Couldn't be more satisfied.

If it's just two devices, you don't need 802.11s or BATMAN. WDS is enough. And I understand they have 5 spokes, not 4 according to this site.

... and you still get 5 or 6 WSM20s for the price of one AX9000.

You already answered that in another post. Not everyone has to have the need to place 6 APs.

and not everyone need a 170€ device (in OPs case three (?), I guess), yet you seem to promote it in every thread, where people ask for recommendations...

I never gave a buy recommendation. I only talked about the advantages of a device like that Xiaomi.

isn't that the same thing as promoting ?

It depends on how you see things. Talking about the capabilities of a device does not necessarily mean "promoting".

Was gonna get a 3rd AX9000 after testing for stability with 2. But found out I didn't need a 3rd one as coverage is already adequate.

But BATMAN is already up and running and performance seems ok, so I didn't bother making any change.

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Thank you for reporting on this.

Wish there was a device with two MediaTek 5ghz band interfaces.