Travelmate 2 pre-releases

after a quite long COVID-19 related outage I come up with a brand new travelmate pre-release series. I would like to test the new version with lot's of OpenWrt travelers around the world ...:wink:

Edit: I've openend now the PR for travelmate 2.0 in the official repo!

Main changes:

  • more or less a complete rewrite in major parts of the former 1.x version
  • new package dependency: curl (plus one of the existing hostapd/wpad variants)
  • optional package dependencies (needs separate setup of these packages):
    • 'msmtp' for email notification support
    • 'wireguard' or 'openvpn' for vpn support
  • removed WEP support, only WPA2/WPA3 are supported!
  • new, more robust setup wizard (CLI and LuCI)
  • more robust captive portal detection
  • randomize mac addresses with every uplnk connect
  • automatic vpn handling during uplink switch (only classic/simple client-setups for wireguard or openvpn are supported) - no fancy multivpn setups! :wink:
  • email notifications after successfull uplink connections
  • automatically disable uplinks after n minutes, e.g. for timed connections
  • automatically (re-)enable uplinks after n minutes, e.g. after failed login attempts
  • complete LuCI rewrite - migrated to client side JS, see screenshots in the second post

Update notices:

  • only compatible with master (in 19.07.x is curl too old)!
  • please stop former travelmate versions (or remove travelmate completely to test setup wizard)
  • download & install the pre-releases from above github link: opkg install <...> (use --force-reinstall for the luci package!)

have fun! :wink:

Current status:

  • slightly tested with latest master
  • .login scripts are still WIP
  • no documentation update yet, e.g. regarding msmtp setup
  • even if it's running in my setup for several weeks expect many outstanding bugs! :wink:

It would be great if you could test this pre-release as well - thanks!

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1.9.9pre1 is now online (see first post) with the following changes:

  • fix the interface wizard
  • fix the FileUpload widget for selecting auto login scripts (thanks @jow)
  • fix some outstanding captive portal issues
  • made the used Captive Portal URL and the UserAgent configurable under "Additional Options"
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FYI, just did a new build yesterday (w/v2.0) - had to remove and re-add the TRM WAN interface (no biggie), but now can't get uplink interfaces to add (LuCI, not sure how to do it in the CLI). The log shows an error,

Sun Sep 20 10:08:06 2020 trm-2.0.0[10075]: no station on radio 'radio0'

Any thoughts? Thanks!

That's not an error, just an info that currently no station is configured on that radio. Why can't you add stations via LuCI?

I admit, not sure (why adding fails). I had no issues in the past. I run a scan, select the network, enter the key ... and when I save / add, all goes without a hitch. But nothing shows up in the network list at that point.


Did you see "unsaved changes" in the upper right corner of the "Wireless Stations" tab and did you hit "Save&Apply" finally on that page? e.g.

Nope - I did look for that ... :laughing:. This is right after Add Uplink, enter info, Save,

Please send me your travelmate config and the station you're trying to save - thanks.

I've added more notifications during stations save with this PR, please update the luci part in the next couple of days and try again.

Updated, and tried. New error ... and this one is odd. LOL! Pic below,

Umm ... duplicate, but there is nothing in the list?


Clean up your wireless config - there already exist an entry with the same device + ssid + bssid combination.

Thanks! I was looking in Travelmate config files, never found it. OK, removed it from wireless, then LuCI will let me re-create it (seems the "upgrade" doesn't quite work?). But I can't get it to enable ... always showing "Enabled" as No. I manually edited the wireless file, changed disabled to 0, restart travelmate (service) ... still not showing as enabled in LuCI?

Thanks again.

Please don't fiddle manually within wireless sections which are under travelmate control ... in travelmate 2.0 you can explicitly enable/disable uplinks: just open the "edit" dialog and switch to the travelmate tab, e.g.


Sorry! I should have noted - tried it from LuCI first, Enabled (selected), but it's not saved it seems (even after Save & Apply) ... so then tried the file directly, still no joy. "Stuck" on Enabled = No.

FYI, after Save & Apply, WiFi (AP) seems to drop out. Before the dropout, Enabled = Yes, but after coming back up (~5-10 min later!), connecting (from a client) ... Enabled = No.


OK, did a factory reset, cleared everything out ... then re-set it up. Seems to be OK now. Something was hanging over from before the upgrade, but all good now.