Transplant flash and ram from TP-LINK TD-W8960N v4.x to TP-LINK TL-WR940N v4.x

I intend to definitely transplant the flash (because it is definitely compatible) and if it is also the ram, from the models indicated in the topic. Can anyone tell me how I can do to know if the ram will work?

Probably by comparing and understanding the technical specifications. If you provide them here perhaps some kind soul will take a look.

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TD-W8960N V 4
FLA1: 8 MiB (Winbond W25Q64FVSIG)
RAM1: 64 MiB (Hynix H5PS5162GFR Y5C)

WR940N V4
FLA1: 4 MiB (Winbond W25Q32FVSIG)
RAM1: 32 MiB (Zentel A3S56D40GTP-50L)

Yeah, the flash should be compatible, however, the question is more whether or not the software hard-codes anything about it or will just auto-detect and work with the bigger size. Plus, of course, you will need to do the initial programming of at least the boot code/loader somehow (e.g. still in the old system or with a SOIC clip and/or an external programmer.

As for the RAM I believe that won't work as while the former (older) is 2.5 volts VDD/VDDQ the later (bigger) one is 1.8 volts only, sorry. Also, the software likely would require re-tuning for a changed RAM unless its timing would really be very similar which nowadays (e.g. with DDR3/4) might be possible as it is all JEDEC standardized but with those older DDR1/2 RAM technologies that usually was not quite that straight forward.

BTW: Here all them datasheets:

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i am going to try this (-> breed-tp9343.bin) bootloader (it should be compatible with the hardware donation recipient router) , i have a ch341a programmer which should allow me to read and write the flashes in question, however for more security i am going before proceed to make a backup of the individual partitions (via openwrt) so as not to have any kind of problem

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The RAM is DDR1 vs DDR2, completely different. BGA chips can't be moved to another board without putting new balls on, which is only considered when the chip is very expensive.

You don't need a new bootloader for larger flash as long as the kernel still fits within the map of the original chip.

Yep, therefore also the voltage difference. Makes sense.

Yes, however, those chips are actually still old-school TSOP if I'm not mistaken.

All DDR2 is BGA. Side-leaded packages are not good for the higher frequency.

i did the operation only on the flash, with the breed bootloader i also overclocked this old ap and now it runs at 1ghz stably. not bad

Have you measured temperature / attached a better cooling?

I have based on the experiences of other forum users who have pushed the cpu beyond 1 ghz, so I did not worry too much about a possible cooling, touching the cpu with my hands does not seem to be much hotter than usual. Now my next pursuit will be to find a way to overclock my archer c20 (MT7620A) there is a generic version of breed that works but does not have the correct gpio nor the overclock function ...