Transmission connection refused on new firmware

Dear forum,

I've recently got David502 build installed on my 32000acm equipment.
Kernel version = 4.19.108
WiFi driver =
Build = r12833

the weired thing is that after I installed Transmission, it was not working. I followed the procedure like
opkg update
opkg install transmission-daemon-openssl
opkg install transmission-cli-openssl
opkg install transmission-web
opkg install transmission-remote-openssl

uci set transmission.@transmission[0].enabled="1"
uci commit transmission
service transmission restart

then I opened, and it failed due to connection refused ???
service tranmission status , revert back "running" but there is no process in the netstat -lntp list. Same procedure was working fine with older build. what I have been doing wrong ?

please help