Translate luci-app-sqm

It does not appear in Weblate and there is no .po file. Why?

Because it has an exceptional location. The app is not located in the main LuCI repo, but comes from @tohojo's repo along the SQM app itself. So, the weblate integration does not work.

So there is no way to translate? Nor with .po?

Well, the app source and .po files are located in @tohojo 's repo. So translation needs to be done there.

Moving luci-app-sqm to LuCI repo was discussed a few years ago, but did not progress at that time. See

The translation aspect was not on the agenda at that time.

Huh, translation syncing - neat! Maybe this will be the feature that finally convinces me to move over luci-app-sqm to the luci repo :wink:

@hnyman is the po extraction and sync to the translation interface completely automatic in the luci repo?

Yes, no additional work for you.

hnyman via OpenWrt Forum writes:

Yes, no additional work for you.

Right, guess I'll look into that, then :slight_smile:

Ready! Now all that's left is for WebLate to update. Thank you!

Might require some additional steps, still:
weblate didn't pick it automatically up. I think that @aparcar needs to define it as a translatable component in weblate admin.
Apparently my rights are not enough for that, or alternatively, we have exceed our quota(?) of separate modules to be translated in weblate.

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I wrote an email to the dev and update you once I know more.

Another possibility could be to rename po/templates/sqm.pot to po/en/sqm.po and see if it is then detected. I somewhat remember this problem from before and it was fixed by this.

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You are right.
I created an empty .po there for "en" and initialised it via, and that dir the trick. Now weblate properly recognises also luci-app-sqm.

(That might be added somewhere in the LuCI weblate notes, maybe to the Github thread's first message, or so.)

/po/templates/sqm.pot is template. /po/es/sqm.po is for translating.

Apparently weblate does not recognise an app if there is just a .pot without any languages. When at least one language has also a .po, then weblate figures out that there really is a new app to be translated.

SQM got properly recognised once I had placed also a .po for en. The plain .pot in templates dir was not enough.

It is true. In an app that I added the template, weblate didn't recognize it. After adding the Spanish .po file, yes there.

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