Transfer settings and packages to new router


I have 2 identical routers, now since I have everything working on one of them I would like to transfer
all settings together with my installed packages onto the other device to have it as a backup device.
Is there an easy way to do it?

it really depends on the device

Of course, there is the System -> Backup / Flash Firmware

You'll probably have to manually keep the packages identical but you could share the System backup between the devices.

Hmmm so no way to backup/export the whole lot and just somehow restore on the 2nd device?

Nothing that I know of that's built into OpenWRT. There's a guy who has written some scripts that you might find useful. For the record, I've bookmarked his site but never used the scripts myself.

depends on the device - I can do a simple dump from one device to another on my devices - but that works on the devices I use, not sure it will work on your devices

I am using BT Home Hub 5A (have 2 of them) - do you think you method will work on these devices?

Probably not - sorry to get your hopes up