Traffic Prioritizion

Hello Forum,

is it possible in openwrt to prioritize the traffic of one client ?
I have my work-laptop that is making a VPN-connection to my company. Via this, I also make VoIP- and Videocalls. If, for example, I make a download on an other client the VoIP-calls are almost impossible to make. So, I want to prioritize the traffic of the laptop's IP. Is there a chance ?

thanks in advice

There are 2 different approaches:

  1. Smartqueue management (active queue management)

This one basically avoids bufferbloat.

  1. For hard prioritizing according to whatever rules ( more complex to set up):

You are asking for the 2nd one.

Untrue, you can set DSCP marks while using SQM and thus combat buffer lost and prioritize the traffic you want. SQM is the way to go

thanks for you quick reply !
Sounds really difficult. So, first of all I need the package: luci-app-sqm, right ?
But then, how to go on ?

For initial SQM setup see this page:

setup cake and layer_cake
Use custom firewall rules to set desired DSCP marks. There are more threads about this but this one shows info on how to check if everything is working properly: Checking DSCP tags

Start by installing luci-app-sqm and enabling the simplest SQM config (piece_of_cake.qos) with sensible bandwidth settings. This will probably be enough to solve your problems, without having to get down and dirty with layer_cake.qos and DSCP tagging.