Traffic control in older openwrt

My openwrt router is running version 17.2 and kernel 3.14.11; I can't flush a new firmare.
I need to perform some QoS operations, namely limit bandwidth from a certain MAC address or distribute bandwidth equally to all, whichever is easier.
I can't install netem for tc due to the kernel version

According to v17 is on Linux 4.4, so I’m guessing you’re on some OEM firmware that was based on OpenWrt. If so, you’re at the mercy of their repos and source. The project repos and code can’t be used directly.

You’d either need to build with the OEM source tree, or (port and) flash a current “official” version of OpenWrt to use what OpenWrt offers in its current releases.

You're right. I assume there is no other clever way of achieving my goals without tc?

You could maybe just use a hashlimit rule in your firewall to drop packets from that MAC that are over a certain rate.

It seems it should work for both download and upload limits. I'm trying this, I did not know about hashlimits. Thank you