TPlink C7 v2 USB Printer

I was able to get wrt installed & setup. Im using it as a wireless client to connect to my main router so that i can connect a USB printer (no network port) to the network for remote printing. Its a HP P1005 Laser printer.
I can get into the router over the network, i installed putty, and it appears the print server is working.
printer drivers are installed on the pc. it just doesnt print.
Im not a network guru, zero linux experience, so im kinda lost. just googling and trying my best, but im stuck.

Are you using Luci web interface? Did you install p910nd?

How do you setup your printer on PC? You need to add a local printer on a TCP port.

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And it is unclear what you are doing. Where is your printer connected? Is it connected to your "main router"? If openwrt is used as a client and the printer is connected to another device, all this won't work.

From your OP, I believe your printer is connected to owrt device, and the computer that wishes to print is connected to your main router.

What print server package have you installed ? eg. p910nd
What is LAN IP address of main router?
What is LAN IP of wireless client owrt device?
What is WWAN IP of the owrt device?

p910nd print server is very easy to set up.

Have you configured your windows computer connected to your main LAN to print to the WWAN IP of the owrt device? (Raw printing, port 9100)

fwiw, in unlikely event you can't get p910nd working in wireless client mode, I know p910nd works with relayd when I last used it with LEDE 17.

See section 9.10 of more detailed guide for relayd

Update: I can confirm p910nd is working for relayd AND for simple wireless client for 21.02.3 on spare HH5a.

For owrt wireless client only, I had to add a port forward rule for port 9100 (from WWAN) to LAN for printing to function. HH5a seemed to require a reboot for new port forward rule to take effect.

(USB1 laser printer connected to HH5a. The HH5a has default LAN IP WWAN has static IP My Win10 PC on 192.168.10.x networks prints successfully to printer on port 9100.

Earlier, I did try specifying Interface: WWAN, but it didn't seem to work at all with simple 'wireless client'.

I'll respond later to the questions when i can.

I ended up in a fit of frustration trying to make it work, bricking the router. Reset to defaults and tried to roll back to factory firmware and it never recovered. I was going to try ddwrt next.