Tplink archer mr600v2


Trying to install openwrt on archer mr600 v2, I get the following message:

Error code:4503
The uploaded file was not accepted

Does anybody have an idea what I can do to get this to work?

You'll find installation instructions on the device info page

Various methods can be used to install the actual image on the flash. Two easy ones are:

  • ap51-flash
  • TFTP

Thank you, but you refered to openmesh mr600. I cant find out if my tplink has tftp option enabled in the original firmware.

My apologies.

I don't see a device info page for the TP-Link product, but it does appear to be supported (at least the v2 EU model):

Did you download the "factory" file and use that to attempt to install?

You need to disassemble the device and attach serial console - there is no other known installation method.

See here for the PR and here for the relevant thread.