Tplink Archer C6 V3 VLAN issue

h/w: TP-Link Archer C6 v3
s/w: OpenWrt 22.03.3 (r20028-43d71ad93e)

Can't make VLAN work in the Bridge VLAN tab as per the screenshot, no matter what I do, once I press save & apply can't connect to Luci. Tried different VLAN id's: 1, 101, etc.

But a separate soft VLAN (802.1q) device like lan4.1 works.

Am I doing something wrong?

There are several videos linked on the dumb access point wiki page that you may find helpful whether you are running a dumb AP or not. Recommend you review them.

For reference, here is my Archer A6's config. The A6 is being used as a managed switch keeping my

Lan1 and Lan2 are on VLAN 10 (lan zone)
Lan3 and Lan4 are on VLAN 4 (guest zone)
WAN is the uplink port

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Re-flashed latest Openwrt release (22.03.03), reset the router.

Tried untagged with and without Primary VLAN ID, also tried as per your screenshot adding wan port to the bridge: no result, each time loose connection to the router and revert to default.

As if something is broken with VLAN filtering.

What version is your A6 ?
Did you do any other changes in Interfaces -> Devices tab?

You can't apply my settings from that screenshot without setting up interfaces to use the VLANS. See the videos mentioned above.

I know how to use Openwrt and VLAN, a bit less knowledge of DSA but used few times on different devices. Thanks for all advice.

Just curious, why did you define VLAN ID 3 and 5 while they are disabled on all ports?

Before you click ‘save and apply’, are you changing the device for the network interface to reflect your newly created vlan? I made this mistake when I first attempted setting up vlans using DSA.

  1. Create the vlan and tag/untag the necessary ports

  2. Click ‘save’, NOT ‘save and apply’

  3. Go to your interfaces tab and change the device for the appropriate network interface

  4. Now click ‘save and apply’


Appreciate your correct and precise answer. I am still a bit new to the DSA paradigm.

Again, review those videos or at least the first one on DSA changes on v21. That aspect is covered.

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