TPLink Archer A7 v5 and OpenWrt 19.07.0-rc2

Howdy, looks like the Archer A7 is now supported although the device pages don't seem to reflect it yet. Not sure if that's because v19 is still in RC status or it just has not been updated. I'm willing to take the plunge and test it out if I can just get a quorum on the likelihood of having success with installation. Here's what I'm seeing: indicates this device is only supported with snapshots which I'm not willing to mess with yet. It is an ath79 device and based on the news and changelogs should be 100% working with the rc2. Browsing, I see Archer A7 v5 right there in the list. I almost feel ridiculous asking, but out of an abundance of caution I'll do it: am I correct in presuming the factory.bin file for my device in this list is designed to flash properly and get me working OpenWRT with LuCi?

Appreciate y'all helping the noob.

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I have updated the devicepage now.

See the Installation instructions for Archer A7 v5.
Yes, LuCI is included in 19.07.0-rc2.

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Outstanding, thank you. It does not appear the changes you've made reflect yet in the device page but I know where to get the factory.bin and will get around to it shortly.

They do: :slight_smile:

Hello, I have a new Archer A7 v5, and have been trying to install OpenWrt based on the instructions here and here.

I have tried both of these:

I am having the same results either way -- the upgrade status just sits at 0% indefinitely. There are no error or return codes, it just sits on the screen depicted in the screen shot:

Prior to attempting the conversion, I did update the factory TP-Link firmware to the latest release.

Please let me know what else to try here.

Hi, I think you may first try to downgrade your stock firmware to April 2019 version and then flash with OpenWRT. I did it successfully with absolutely no issues.