TPLink and OpenWRT Hardware

I bought AC1900 for install an using OpenWRT. I now have seen thats an EOL product. Before I used WRT54GL/OpenWRT as an bridge.
Is the AC1900 an good solution or whats recommanded.
DSL is Vodafone planed 250 MBit inbound.
And if possible VoIP should work, but ist not a must.

I don't think the "AC1900" is the actual product model -- it's probably just the marketing-ish name.

What is the model information that you see on the bottom panel of the device?

should be C88

That device doesn't appear to be supported by OpenWrt, so no, that device won't work.

The Table of Hardware and the firmware selector are the authorative sources of information regarding OpenWrt support (be sure to read the details of the TOH pages -- some devices have partial support where OpenWrt runs but something else doesn't -- for example, some built-in modems or some wifi chipsets don't work, etc.).

You are right, I have used ddwrt before and not openwrt for the WRT54.
So you do not see any support für this TP-Link product.
Whats recommanded instead?

Depends on your internet speed, and other things you're going to use it for.

I have 50 and want to extend to 250.
Ich have today ordered an TP-Link EX220