TPLINK 3420 all model router sbo solution

Hello I need TPLINK 3420 router vpn solution for voip call termination in cheap bandwidth use with port forwarding, if anyone have complete project please contact me in skype DIGONTOBD
whats app 008801590101882

Please don't spam the forum.

Hello Thanks for your reply . i dont know when spam your forum .if spam please sorry.i need one developer for make openwrt router vpn solution for voip. so i searching one good developer who already create for voip solution.

No problem. You made another post with the same information and request in another thread.

Also, I'd advise against soliciting strangers to develop for you on a public forum. You may get [more than] what you pay for.

Without going into the details, but at least the earlier hardware revisions (v1, v2 - basically no info about v3 and v4) of your devices come with 4 MB flash, that is completely insufficient for asterisk. It's very, very hard to squeeze asterisk into 8 MB flash (to the extent that you have to drop WLAN support, PPP, IPv6, luci, etc.), but 4 MB can be considered basically impossible; my very personal firmware image for a different (lantiq-) device with asterisk weighs around 13 MB. CPU performance and RAM size won't be very forthcoming either.

It becomes a lot easier once you switch to suitable hardware (minimum reasonable system specs would be 16/64 MB, but you want more if you can get it).

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