Tp link wr940n v6

I want to buy tp link wr940n v6 is this model is best for openwrt and mainly I used for wireless repeater mode?

or you suggest best tp link device for repeater mode with has supported openwrt.

please reply

Do not buy a WR940N; its memory chips are too small. It is a so-called 4/32 system-- 4 MB flash and 32 MB RAM. 8/64 is the absolute minimum now recommended.

Look for the thread about recommended "cheap" models.

I have OpenWRT 18.06.9 running on both a WR940Nv6 and WR940Nv4 and they work great. I used the WR940Nv6 as my main router for years with the WR940Nv4 as a Dump WiFi AP. Now I have both the WR940Nv6 and WR940Nv4 (running 18.06.9) as dump APs on my Archer A7 v5.8 (running 19.07.8) which is a great deal right now at Amazon for under $60. LUCi works on all three, even though the WR940N's are both 4/32 devices.

I used tftp to flash all the builds.

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19.07 ath79 builds for 4mb flash devices.

Hi, do you have SQM working on any WR940N??

I don't, sorry. I have AT&T fiber so I'm not fighting a slow or overloaded link. Looks cool though.

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