Tp link WR940N V4 Serial connection


I need your help because I tried to unbrick my wireless router TP-Link WR940N V4 but something went wrong and now it restarts alltime. The only way is to connect to the board serial port.

Then, I have connected my TTL adaptor to the 3 pinholes installed on the board for Serial connection and made solder a couple of wire. Unfortunately my welds are badly made and I don’t have messages or texts displayed on my serial monitor (Putty).

As it is no more possible to make new solder (no more contact) , do you know if it is possible to find / connect Rx and Tx somewhere else that on “serial” pinholes ?

Perhaps it is possible to connect directly to serial Flash memory (25G32) or somewhere else ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Can you post a picture of the messed up serial pin holes?
Normally those are fairly big (compared to fine pitched IC pins), and I find it hard to believe that they should be that damaged that you can not solder to them any more.

Thanks for your answer.
I have made a TFTP recovery and now it's work !!!!