TP-Link WR841N V11 - 18.06.9 Add Luci basic admin user

Hi People, hoping someone can help me...

We have several models of the WR841N in use for customers, I built a basic image for v13 (using 21.02) last week and it works a treat. Its a very basic build, stripped of most things. The purpose is just a simple wifi switch, in the image I bridged the WAN and LAN ports, set a default SSID / password (the old pin), and added a simple base user to RPCD with restricted use so that my customer cant break things with root access.

I simply added:

config login
option username 'customer'
option timeout '300'
option password 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' (where this is the encrypted password)
list read ''
list write '

into the RPCD file before i used imagebuilder to make the image. ( I obviously replaced the * lines with my list of allowed services)

I copied this and tried to make the same image for v11. Everything works as expected (with some fine tuning) except for the luci login. I just get invalid username and/or password. Ive stripped it back to the above with * for read and write, tried adding the same user to shadow and passwd files and settings the option password as '$p$customer' and using passwd customer in ssh to set the password, and I cannot get it working. Is there something im missing ? I cant use the luci-app-acl app to make it work as it wasnt available in this version 18.06.9, and i believe that any newer versions dont support this router model.

Please Help !

Not a solution, but perhaps a workaround

ok thats interesting, ill have a look later today. Can I still use that with imagebuilder ? as I make quite a few customisations such as SSID, ip, etc.


Only if you make it yourself, this isn't an official build, these images are slimmed down as much as possible, check the thread I linked to, or ask the OP, if he can share the .config file.

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