Tp-link wr840n v5 resets after reboot

Any chance to get the needed space if he build/compile an image without opkg? opkg is basicaly useless on a 4MB router because you can't install anything with it (to be honest the only thing opkg does on a 4MB router is to show the installed packages).

I'm not familiar with ramips so I don't know what other things can be removed without causing any problem/losing functionality.

IPv6, if not used, is also a candidate to remove. PPPoE, if not used, is also a candidate to remove. USB support, if present and not used, is also a candidate to remove.

hi, i am trying to remove the 512 bytes but i everytime i enter the command in ububtu it says :dd cant open file or directory not found'' what do i do now

also i am trying to cut to cut the 512 blocks with hex editor but when i try to save it it doesnt let me. it say you dont have enough space. although only 3.9 mb is required. what can be done about it. im using wxhexeditor

thanks, i have reverted back to the stock firmware. also if someone doesnt know where to put the command, you have to put it in linux or ubuntu which can be installed from windows app store.
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