TP-Link WPA8630P V2.1: Add support for QCA9888

guys can anyone help me add support for a QCA9888 chip that is present on newer TP-Link WPA8630P V2.1 devices. I managed to boot the device but the 5GHZ radio doesn't come up.

The boarddata_0.bin file extracted from the original TPLink firmware cannot be decoded by the ath10k-bdencoder app, it outputs invalid signature.

This is the OEM boot dump:

This is the relevant boot dump with different fw and ath10k driver combinations:

for all the information I read around, what I probably need to do is to decode OpenWRT board-2.bin, add support for my QCA9888 chip implementation, encode it again and replace. The problem is, where to get the info for my chip implementation, as the tool cannot decode the OEM file.

Issue was a typo in the caldata extraction script as discussed here, you can mark this as resolved.

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