Tp-link without Mediatek chipsets

Which are the tp-link routers that is supported by openwrt and are economical like WR841, and don't use Mediatek chipsets (version without mediatek). and are currently available in market. So I can expect them to be stable.


Cheap, stable, and TP-Link seldom go together. 4/32 device support ends after 2019, 8/32 isn’t far behind in my opinion, due to RAM exhaustion.

You’re likely much better off with a device with at least 16 MB of flash and at least 128 MB of RAM.

Good ones start at around US$20, with excellent, QCA-based ones starting around $40.

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Looks like WR940 seems to be the choice. Lets see if it is available in market.

Expect very little to no support as these devices are all 4/32.

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I agree, but I always feel more applications of router . Openwrt has changed the picture. Someone one would want to use router as adblocker. While other might be interested in NAS.While some one would like to implement small server like MQTT. for this basic needs and stripping the firmware ,these cheap routers does a good job.

4/32 wont do a good job these days as you barely can fit (and run) the base system and it wont change for the better over time.

Let me say again,

Support for 4/32 devices ends after 2019.

Those TP-Link devices would be a very unwise choice.

I am hoping MediaTek chipset drivers get stable here , This would make the routers with 8Mb flash cheaper.

The MediaTek drivers in the Snapshot images are pretty good in my experience. They were pretty rotten at the end of 2018, but now work very well.

Sadly not easily available, but the $18 TP Link 841 v13 has enough 64 MB RAM and 8 MB flash. An excellent little router!

Yes, even I thought of giving a shot to this. but could not get the device. Are you using any of Media Tek based routers? Which one are you using? and which exact snapshot do you have ?

I was happily using a D-Link DIR-860L rev. B1 and am now using an Asus RT-AC57U. I am just on 5 GHz wireless though, 2,4 GHz is disabled. I'm seeing lots of problems with MediaTek's MT7628 SoC reported here on the forums. Both routers I have are MT7621. If you keep an eye out for refurb or returned items you can have both for around 50 EUR shipping included.

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But then again, you can get ipq40xx for the same price so why bother with MT7621?

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Because he was asking about other MediaTek devices.

Yes, I think all router manufacturers should shift to openwrt. and add their support here. After all they are selling hardware. Manufacturers has access to proprietary drivers source code. So it's easier for them to write reliable drivers .

May I just ask what's wrong with MTK chipsets?

I don't know what exactly is happening. I tried TL-WR841V14. and its not working. I hardly see anyone here saying the MT76 series is working well. Developers are really putting hard efforts and that's what all would second to. But may be for some reason it still is not working flawless. Like i said, I bought WR841, which is only a 4/32 version of WR841V13 is not working . Space problems can be sorted out. but basically wifi is not working. (I enabled WIFI which is by default off ).

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