Tp-Link W8970 ver 1.2 is Fully Support VDSL2 in Openwrt 18.06.1?

or need add Specific Configuration VDSL.BIN ?

It seems to depend on the VDSL2 implementation used in some countries :frowning_face:.

Using the standard 18.06.1 image in Australia with the NBN VDSL2 network (Annex A but with Annex B band plans/tone sets) definitely doesn't work but using the xDSL firmware .BIN extracted from recent Netgear DM200 factory firmware images works (see the xdarklight repo for some alternative xDSL file sources).


my telephone line now not support VDSL !
But in Egypt VDSL Is used Annex A ( PTM ) this work good with Openwrt ?
i try linksys x6200 vdsl & tp-link vr600
my line not support vdsl but the internet led in this all router on some seconds then off !
in tp-link w8970 with setting vdsl the internet led not on always off !

In many cases, as I've explained before, the LEDs do not work on OpenWrt like they do with stock firmware.

So ignore the LED for now.

Do you have Internet access? Are speed checks meeting the subscription package that you are paying for?

the phone line has ADSL 2+ only not support VDSL from DSLAM !
i try some router support VDSL the LED Internet is ON for Some Seconds ( this because the router is try connect in VDSL and Support it )
in TP-LINK W8970 ver 1.2 With OpenWrt 18.06.1 ( the Router not ON the LED Internet when Try VDSL Connect ! )
My Line only ADSL 2+ !

Then why are you bothering with VDSL settings? ADSL and VDSL are mutually exclusive on one line. Just make sure the device is configured with the correct ADSL settings then reboot to force a full resync with the correct ADSL parameters...

My TD-W8980 correctly flashes the DSL LED during sync when correctly configured to the service type (I've only used this device with VDSL2 services so don't know how it behaves with ADSL services).


Your question about annex does not matter when the line is switches to VDSL. On ADSL Annex matters. On Lantiq XRX200 devices linke the 8970 you have the annex version is printed on the label. If its Annex B, then its named "8970B". Otherwise its annex A.

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in the coming days ISP is support all line with VDSL !
but not tell you !
automatic convert from adsl to vdsl if your router is support !

my router is annex A !

Oh, you'll know because your ADSL modem connection will drop and not reconnect unless the modem is capable - and configured - to be in "full-auto" (i.e. auto detect ADSL or VDSL) mode. If it won't connect in ADSL mode, you then switch to VDSL mode and it should then sync up if the xDSL driver is ok for your carrier's configuration.

I believe that most VDSL capable versions of the Lantiq xDSL driver (the blob file) can actually be set into fully automatic mode however I don't recall whether LuCI allows an "auto" option for either the line mode (ADSL/VDSL) or the transfer mode (ATM/PTM) - I don't have mine running at the moment to check.

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