TP-Link Upgrading bios size (chip desolder + solder)... Any gotchas?

About to dive into a fun little project.

I own a TP-Link RE450. It has a 8MB bios which leaves lots to be desired.

I just ordered everything I need to swap it over to 16MB.

All the physical de-solder / solder stuff aside, is there anything beyond this I need to be aware of:

a) Pull the firmware from the old bios using my bios reader / writer.

b) Extract u-boot and art partitions.

c) Write u-boot at front and art right at the end of the chip.

d) Self compile a build editing the dts files to move each of the partitions where they need to be, expanding "firmware" to use up all the remaining space. Also make sure to update the ".mk" file for my model to expand the firmware size to include the additional 8MB available.

e) Save the openwrt build after u-boot.

f) Flash my self built binary blob to my bios chip. Essentially the layout will look like this:

u-boot, openwrt build, and right at the end the extracted art parition.

I kind of butchered the above but you get the idea... I am using this as a guide: its for 19.07 but I assume most if not all of it applies.

Anything else I should be aware of?