TP-Link TL-WR941ND v3.6 locked on ddwrt v3.0-r33375 std

I want my router wr941v3.6 wich is now locked on ddwrt v3.0-r33375 std flash to open wrt

router ok works wifi lans gui all fine but ddwrt is i that i dont wish i want my router on openwrt please help me(i did same with wr740v4 succesfuly but these is something other)these router have good wifi string i really dont wont to broke or burn i just wanna open wrt

i was try webrevert not work stay locked on 33375 tryed other older and newer ddwrt try new open wrt all same he just boot up and bring back same firmver he don want to change i need he in open wrt to set

  1. Please ask in the dd-wrt forum how to go back to TP-Link stock firmware.
  2. After you have accomplished that, you may come back for advice regarding flashing from TP-Link stock firmware to OpenWrt.

Unfortunately this router is 4/32 and you can use only old version of OpenWrt.


i bricked router :frowning: wouldn be bad old version if i was informed what and how in time

The TL-WR941ND v3 does not have push-button tftp recovery, making recovering from a bad flash much harder than it would be on more contemporary devices.