Tp-Link TL-WR841N V14 Snapshot OPKG Support

I have been looking for a OpenWrt Snapshot for this v14 model that has OPKG support. I installed the 19.07 image but it does not support opkg.
Any way I can have the Openwrt installed with opkg. I want to use this router for installing PPPwn on OpenWRT. i do not need to use other features. Not even wifi is necessary.

Last guy bricked his router, using it.

Install x86 OpenWRT in a virtual machine for single use case.

Its ok. I know how to revive all the routers I have tested. i tested on many other tplink , netgear, Xiaomi, Mikrotik and I can reflash the firmware using many methods. Thanks!

i Specifically need the router to install PPPWN. I have seen some users having 21.02.2 firmware installed and they upload the firmware on ANNONFILES which is now dead filehost so I cannot download to flash and test it.
And V13 WR841N are not available anywhere in our local market. only v14 available. So I thought , absolute need to install OpenWrt on this model with OPKG support. Thanks!
Heres the link of a topic with higher build number of the snapshot.