TP-Link TL-WR841N(D), WA701N(D), WR740N(D), WR741N(D), WR743N(D), WR940N, WR941N(D) - LADUS / JULIA / Ultra Lite / VPN builds

Thanks a lot, waiting for update for OpenVPN builds.

Ultra Lite builds are updated.
I also added V3 which contains adblock and sqm.

Updates for rest of the builds are coming soon.

I will probably add support for 840n v4, v5 and 841n v13.

@hmd61551 Thank you for the effort and dedication. We will continue collaborating to achieve correct performance of the each build.
Good news know that the new hardware will have support soon.

I have been using your Ultra Lite build for a very long time and I feel like this is the best firmware for this device.

I am very grateful that you included the firmware for 841N v8.

Thanks for these builds @hmd61551, they are awesome.
Any chance you could please do a v8 build of Ultra Lite v2 (uPnP / SQM)?

@Phil V8 of which device?
841n/nd v8 is supported.

OpenVPN build is updated.
I had to switch it to 17.01 branch because the only way to fit openvpn in master branch is to build it without ipv6 and put only openvpn packages.

Added experimental build for 841n v13 and 840n v4.
Link in the first post.
It contains: openVPN with openssl, adblock, ddns, dnscrypt, sqm, upnp, nano, wget, luci-ssl.

If someone is willing to test it, please let me know how it goes.

WR841N - the only version downloadable is v7 (lede-ar71xx-generic-tl-wr841-v7-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin) and get a "The uploaded image file does not contain a supported format. Make sure that you choose the generic image format for your platform".

So have loaded the v8 of Ultra LiteV3 and works well.

Hello hmd61551 thanks for the builds!

I'm using the openvpn build on wr841n v11 for a few hours and it rocks!

I will try to setup and test openvpn server on it next week.


is there already a 840 v5 does wifi is stable

I'm using LADUS 17.01.

Was anyone able to block YouTube ads in mobile devices with this?

I checked most of the blocklist sources but ads in YouTube app (android) on my tablets went through anyway.

Same if I used DNS servers in 'DNS forwardings' fields.

Hello @hmd61551.

Are you planning to update LADDUS build?


I know most people here are advanced guys where you can go as far as compiling firmwares and modding flash chips for routers but I just made this small tool for configuring the 841n v13 that I got for stock firmwares. This way one can just run this script for those that buy a router and never even bother to change the default settings. I want to know if this is interesting enough to make something like a tool independent of anything (like chromewebdriver and selenium imports for python) such that once you run the tool you could configure almost any router.

Check my github :

Feedback is appreciated.

I own a 841n v8 and I want to know if this will work with the builds available in this thread or does it only work with stock firmware? What does it configure in the router? I mean I can change default settings using the admin page so does this script do the exact same thing?

Yes it does the exact same thing on stock firmware. I did that so that if someone has their parents setup wifi and don’t want it to be setup at default settings, then they can just send this and they can double click on it and done ... unfortunately you need selenium web driver but I’ll see if I can package that into one folder to work out of the box ... just something I made in case anyone wants to use it ...

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hallo, big up 4 excellent work!
one question: can u make "Ultra LiteV4" with only one package adblock?

Hi @meekowai do you achieve migrate to wireguard? I'm trying to do it on ultralite v1 but I can't install required kernel modules(wireguard, udptunnel4 and udptunnel6).

Anyone know how to install this modules? I try with insmod and modprobe but I get an error like "module could not be probe".

I'm downloading modules from a mirror with packages for differents kernels versions because official 17.01-snapshot is recently than 4.4.112(4.4.29 if my memory is not failing).

Thanks to all and sorry about my bad english :smiley:

Hello @hmd61551, how are you?

Any chance to upgrade the LADDUS build?


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Hi, openvpn error ExpressVPN not connect vpn, help me.
Thanks to all
My WR841, Experimental OpenVPN build

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