TP-Link TL-WR802N V2 ROM

Hi there,

Probably my doubt might be redundant but I would like to have some insights in regards to memory expansion.
I got this device and changed its ROM to 8MB but once the device boots, keeps rebooting.
Is there a way to fix the image (4MB) to fit in this custom device.


Well first I think you need to copy the entire 4M flash to the 8M flash because there maybe firmware specific data on it. After that it should work in theory but if it doesnt then you may need to flash a custom compiled image with changes made in dts file of your router maybe. I am not really sure if last one should be necessary but just in case.


Thanks for the reply. I did that even with the OEM firmware and with the OpenWRT with exact rebooting results. I have never done any modifications to any firmware before, that's why I'm looking for some info. At least to have a starting point.


AFAIK you need to first erase the blocks on the 8M chip and then write data from 4M chip. If you dont erase the blocks you wont be able to use it properly. On the other hand you may need to capture different partitions from old chip and then copy then to new chip individually as the flash layout suggests. You may need to take care of how much space you need to allocate there and shch.

That being said, you have not provided any boot logs. Please provide the full boot log so we can see the source of the problem.