TP-LINK TL-WA830RE v2 try OpenWrt

i want try openwrt on my repeater tplink tl-wa830re 4 MB flash/32 MB ram with openwrt 18.06.02 the installation is easy but:
is it possible to go back to the stock version once installed openwrt?

Nothing specific is mentioned in the device page.
On the other hand the device is very limited due to flash and ram sizes, so it might not be worthy the transition to Openwrt, just to continue using it as a dumb-AP/Repeater.

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I second @trendy's opinion. There is little gain; you will be limited by the little flash space. So if the stock firmware does what you need the repeater to do, you better divert your time and effort on a more powerful device where you can experience the different packages and functionality of OpenWrt.

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in my opinion it is not so.This is the screen of my second AP that has same memoriea and ram TL-Wa701ND 4 / 32MB with Openwrt 18.2. But the important thing for me is to understand if I can go back so at least not connect the serial I can not do it right?

Look for yourself.

You may also search yourself the forum for '4/32' if you are still not convinced.

Could you write this sentence more clearly?
Do you mean that in case the upgrade fails you don't want to connect by serial?

If you can get a serial port connection then you stand a good chance of flashing the stock firmware back onto the device providing that you have a copy of the entire original firmware in one file and not just an upgrade image update.
It is an idea to create a dump of the ROM yourself for extra caution.

The problem with your stated goal is that ROM flashing isn't really something which you "try before you buy" unless you understand the risks and/or are developing the software.
So if you do want OpenWrt on the device, be sure first that you really want it installed.
Because the perception is that OpenWrt offers you improved software over the original; right?

I agree with the other posters in that the 4M file system will leave you with only basic functionality. But if your use for the hardware only requires the core OpenWrt functions, then it should for all intents and purposes; work just fine.

Also, I noticed from your screen capture that you are using Google's DNS servers.
I can recommend very highly, moving away from all of Google's services unless you are unconcerned by the obvious privacy concerns, if you can.

BlockAid Public DNS (or PeerDNS) and OpenDNS are much better options as DNS servers IMO, for example.

yes I changed the dns with those of my provider maybe it's better.
You have convinced me that I will leave the TL-wa830re repeater with the original FW and this second AP with OWRT, which does its job anyway.

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Thanks for marking my reply as solution, but it should be @trendy.

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