TP-LINK TL-MR100 4G LTE router change IMEI

Good day. I bought a TL-MR100 4G LTE router hoping that I could use it for my existing sim card because the ISP's router's antenna SMA connector was broken so I can't get a good signal now. Tried repairing it but the result becomes worse as a drop of solder was in contact with the mini resistors in the board of the router and when I took off the droplet, the SMD resistors came off together with the solder XD.

Unfortunately, the sim card won't work with the TL-MR100 as I later found out that the sim card is only usable on specific devices with certain IMEIs. The TL-MR100 is already costly and if I bought another router from my ISP, the sim card would be of no use anymore since the router that they sell has already a sim card, and another cost to pay.

My question is, is there any way I could change the IMEI of this router using OpenWrt? I have the IMEI of my ISP's router so I guess I can use this one as a substitute. I really need this for my sister's online class next week and so far I can't get any solutions in the net. I hope you can help me. Thanks in advance. :wink:

NO, because IMEI is unique to each device's modem - see here
maybe (very very small chances though) you could use the ISP's modem inside the TL-MR100 and then you can have the same IMEI...but don't think it'll work...

Try contacting your ISP to get them to accept your new IMEI considering their device is broken - that's your best bet

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Thanks for the feedback. I have a network-locked pocket wifi (the same ISP of the router) and it can't accept the SIM card too. I did some research and openlined the pocket wifi, using the IMEI of the router as the pocket wifi's new IMEI and it accepted the SIM card though, so I think it will also work on the tp-link's router, provided I have some way of overwriting the IMEI on it. I can't find anything related to MR100 though on IMEI changing.

The pocket wifi's signal strength is very low though, and would need some modifications on the inside by soldering an SMA connector and plugging an external antenna, but it will require more work and the bandwidth is limited on a pocket wifi, slowing down the network when a lot is connected, and having around 50Mbps bandwidth only, compared to a router with 300Mbps and will allow more bandwidth. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Also, we are on a remote area so the signal is kind of weak so I really need an external antenna connected.

on a more through search I didn't find anything on openwrt on tl-mr100 so I have to disappoint you but your device is not supported

yeah, i did research for weeks too on openwrt for tl-mr100 but to no avail. anyway, thanks for your time helping me. I greatly appreciated it. :wink:

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I managed to get to the terminal and AT commands, could not find suitable commands to change IMEI

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Sorry Openwrt firmware for mr100 is available?

Is better to refrain from this kind of posts. What is built by man, can be changed by man, even if it was not intended to.

:-1:good job (NOT) reopening a 2y old thread for nothing

Hope it was not for for nothing.

As you put it - better refrain from this kind of posts in the future

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