TP-Link TD-8816

Is there any chance to find custom firmwares for TP-Link TD-8816? If not, what is the reasons? Technical issues?

A search in Google hasn't returned any results.

Nothing on Wikidevi to say what's in it. shows it as an ADSL2+, 100 Mbps Ethernet device that is likely very old. doesn't reveal anything very useful. shows at least 8 versions. That the firmware is only 1.27 MB and dates back to 2013 as the latest version doesn't suggest that it has more than minimal flash. (The v1 firmware is from 2008.)

Nothing shows up at

It has known vulnerabilities in OEM code --

Without knowing (a) what the chips inside are, and (b) how they're "wired up", it would be difficult to port. Even if running OpenWrt, the ADSL functionality would probably be "at the whim" of whatever firmware blobs were present.


Thanks for replying.