Tp-Link T2600G-28TS Absent Kernel

Hello I know I'm probably not on the right forum. But who can answer my question because I'm looking for a solution for my swicth Tp-Link T2600G-28TS .How can I recompile the kernel or recover the uImage.img so that I can restart it. Thanks to the GPL code. I don't know how I am looking for a simple tutorial and easy to understand or there might not be a charity among you who could provide me with the kernel to compile. here is my error .TFTP from server; our IP address is Filename 'uImage.img'. Load address: 0x61000000 Loading: * Abort

Download failed 2 (*) 0 NULL

(*) - with the Startup attribute (b) - with the Backup attribute tplink> 0 Boot Menu 0 - Print this boot menu 1 - Reboot 2 - Reset 3 - Start 4 - Activate Backup Image 5 - Display image(s) info 6 - Password recovery

Enter your choice(0-6) I specify that everything is erased at the level of the switch Please help me in my process.Gerard

You might want to post the whole TFTP log, and use the correct tags for text formatting.

But usually, if the setup is correct, and TFTP fails, it's because of a firewall on the TFTP server host.

Thanks for the answer. I have checked txt and firewall I still have the kernel damage problem.