TP-Link RE450 V2 future

Hello everyone,

This (excellent) device seems to be abandoned (as its v1 too) on latest releases. I suppose it is abandoned due to not enough internal space. However, the lack of internal space is due to an error on the initial porter developer, which did partition incorrectly the internal memory (wrong DTS), leaving to a <1MB available space.
I tried in the past opening bug report on bugzilla, github, etc... I even did an edition on the dts file and could compile and have extra space. I would like to see this in the main repos. I dont have the knowledge to port myself.
Here is the link of the port trial:

Thank you a lot.

On top on your provided patch/fix see re450-v1-v2-change-of-partition-layout

Hope that it will be implemented :slight_smile:

All the best