Tp-link RE350 V1 on 21.02.1 unstable Wireless

Hi community,

I decided to flash my extender TP-link re350 and use it as additional access point. I am using the latest version as of now 21.02.1. I wanted to switch to Openwrt due to VLAN support so I can have 2 SSIDs. With the factory image I had no issue when roaming at home between my other tp-link access point and this extender. It was disconnecting for a 1-2 seconds and reconnecting to the other AP. With Openwrt I am struggling, whenever I move to the room with the RE350 with openwrt wireless is not connecting for 3-5 minutes. I tried using only 5ghz and 2ghz (WPA2 AES) but the issue remains. Tried manual channels as well.

Does anyone else have the same experience with this extender? I tried the imagebuilder 21.02.1 changing to wpad-basic and removing ipv6 dhcp and dns so it has more free space but it is the same. I guess it could be related to the mediatek drivers. Does anyone know a previous openwrt release with stable wireless?



I tried 19.07.8 build and the wireless is stable so far. VLAN settings in this version seem much more clear and easy to configure with software switch in GUI.

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