Tp-Link RE200 vs RE220

Hi guys, I'm a bout to preplace my old and unstable tplink repeater, WA850RE V2, that is not even flashable with OpenWrt. Unstable because Chromecast makes my network crash while streaming videos.

I have tried many extenders. Some tplinks, some others.

I would like to keep things simple becase some extenders made my entire home network crash if connected via ethernet (the RE650).

Anyway, I already wrote to the tplink technical support asking for the differences between the RE200 and RE220. The RE220 seems to be newer than the RE200, but the datasheet does not show ANY difference. Well, the technical support answered me that they are the EXACT SAME model but for different markets.

Can it be possible?! The exact same model and the Re220 costs 40,00 Euros while the Re200 costs 26,00 Euros?

What the heck :slight_smile:

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@andyboeh mate, since you're working on a port for the RE200 version, do you know something about the RE220?

Since it was 15 euros cheaper I have just ordered a RE200, that might come in its V4 revision. I'm just curious :slight_smile:

FYI - OpenWrt support for RE220 v2 has been added with;a=commit;h=33fae8421e3270869c645fd304523133419d7f5d

Is there chance RE270K will be supported as well?

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