TP-Link RE200 Bricked (V1)

I had OpenWRT installed and using it on RE200. However, I was thinking of reinstalling the original firmware (TP-Link), so I uploaded the firmware downloaded from TP-Link to OpenWRT update file upload. (That was a huge mistake.) After the firmware was uploaded, the device was bricked after the update was complete. All LEDs on the device (except for WPS) are flashing fast and the device is not working..... (video attached) I tried to connect to the device with PuTTY but it doesn't not work, please help...

(For reference, this device was purchased in Korea. I am Korean, so please understand that English is strange.)

You'll almost certainly need to use a serial connection and tftp to fix this.

Details are on the device info page. Please read the :warning:warnings about opening the case -- this is a mains-powered device with potentially :zap: :zap:lethal voltages :zap: :zap:inside. Exercise extreme caution, and if you are not experienced with these types of hazards, it is best not to attempt it.

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I don't have the confidence to do serial connection. It looks dangerous... Is there any other way?

And when I try to access the LuCI (interface) in RE200, it says that only the first phrase is loaded and the site takes too long to respond.

Yes, it can be very dangerous.

For serial connectivity, no. If you have a friend who is experienced with these types of things (including dealing with high voltage devices), you may be able to get some help with the process.

I can't read language that is in the screenshot, but if it is not responding, it does suggest something is wrong.

I think you will need the serial connection to figure out what is wrong.