TP-LINK R802N router support

I am new to LEDE and just bought the European version of TP-WR802N I'd like to install the software on. Is this router supported? There seems to be a patch on the OpenWrt site but I am not sure it has made it into trunk, also not whether it is supported by LEDE.

Does anyone have any information on this? Also, which version should I download?

Thank you in advance!

Images for the TP-WR802N can be found in the following folder:

If you are coming from the stock firmware, make sure you are flashing the factory.bin.
If you are already running Openwrt or LEDE, you can upgrade with the sysupgrade,bin file.
This can be useful for you in the future if you want to update :slight_smile:

Thank you, I was able to install the factory image and because this router does not have a LAN port, only a WAN port, I had to divert from the instructions after that. I was able to eventually ssh into the router when it was set up so it could use the address and set the password.

However, the next step required the router to have internet access so I could run opkg, update the software and eventually install the web interface. Now I got stuck since the router would need to acquire an IP address that I eventually could get ssh into. Despite many attempts my existing router never showed this TP-LINK router and it seems that it never acquired an IP address.

Am I doing something wrong? Again, this router has only a WAN port, no LAN ports.

Slightly OT... I would ask you to check out the wording on the Standard Flashing Instructions at

We designed that page for exactly this circumstance - to give exact instructions for factory/sysupgrade. Instead of (you) having to write three sentences, it's our hope that you can simply link to that page and let the reader "do the right thing".

My request: Do you have any comments on the Standard Flashing Instructions page? Thanks.

Any comments on the apparent inability of my router to obtain a DHCP IP address after installing the factory.bin version of LEDE? It actually seems it might be serving as a gateway interfering with the existing router on the network preventing me from SSH-ing to it to update the software and installing the web software.

Again, my existing router does not show it on its web interface page so it seems it has not obtained the required IP address.

hi,I found wr802n v1 did not work on reset button after flash lede 17.01 like other router

if I set up wrong config,I can't access wr802n, the only way to reset to factory is reflash it

does anyone know it and how to fix this?