TP-Link MR3420v5 LAN Port 4 Un-usable with USB ( fix )

Just a heads-up.... if you install OpenWRT ( any version ) on a TP-Link MR3420v5, you'll find that plugging a cable into port 4 disables the USB port(!) I think this is probably because the device actually uses the gpio that the switch driver assumes is for the LED for that port for USB power.

The fix ( at least until someone sorts the drivers ) is to do the following:

swconfig dev switch0 port 4 set led 11
swconfig dev switch0 set apply

That will turn the LED permanently off ( and hence the USB permanently on. )

This is on 19.07 I presume since master has switched to DSA already on ramips? Could you test a master build (you cannot keep your network config with that) and see if that works as expected?