TP-LINK Mr150 is mr6400 v5

I installed mr6400v5 firmware on my mr150 v2.2 and it works
but there are problems with lte internet, long ping

What firmware did you install? (What was the filename, where did you get it from)? The mr150 is not supported by openwrt. Where did you see that the mr6400 firmware can be used on the mr150?

Becouse mr6400v5 same by hardware mr150 i just try install from
And that worked, but lte internet working too bad

What is the exact firmware file name that you used?

I don’t see any mention of the mr150 on the linked device info page. Where did you get information that suggests that the hardware is identical?

I wrote, since the hardware mr6400v5 is exactly the same as on mr150, I took opnwrt from mr6400v5

look on plate

and compare with mr6400v5

They do look similar, but they are most certainly not identical. It's not guaranteed that the devices under the heat sinks are actually the same, either. You are probably lucky that the MR6400v5 firmware didn't brick your MR150.

The MR150 is not supported, and the differences may I'd recommend reinstalling the vendor firmware since it probably has better performance on the MR150 than a 'kind of working' firmware for another model.

I don’t agree with you, because there are real people who bought mr150 and from the factory the firmware version was mr6400v5

in case MR150 !

You're certainly welcome to disagree with me.

If you want to see if they are really identical, maybe you could compare the vendor firmware from the two devices ... compare them using a diff program and see what is different. Depending on the structure of the firmware, it may be possible to even see plaintext strings such as the model identifiers, and if those are the only differences, you may be correct.

That said, the MR150 is not going to be supported at this point -- support for 8/64 devices is planned to be dropped with the next major release, and support will not be added retroactively on the current and older releases. So, if there is a performance issue because of some subtle differences between this and the MR6400v5, that will never be rectified.

I am willing to review your configuration to see if there are any things that stand out as potential issues. It would be useful to understand your test methods (including a comparison with the stock firmware), and also if the problem is the same for ethernet and wifi.

wifi and ethernet is working fine

then the question arises, why did the manufacturer put firmware from mr6400 on the mr150?
firstly part mr150 is included firmware mr6400, you can see

diff on bin files?

Nope, I don't read Russian.

You'd have to ask the them.

Yes, you use a diff program (such as diff or a hex editor that has diff functions) to explore the binary file to see if there are differences, and if there are, if it's possible to identify what exactly is different between the two.

Meanwhile, nothing in this discussion will solve the original problem you described...

So does that mean there is no issue anymore? If there still is a problem, can you be more specific about the details (how you tested, if you've verified that the problem isn't there with the vendor firmware, what changes you've made to the default configuration, etc.).

cat /sys/kernel/debug/usb/devices
P: Vendor=05c6 ProdID=9025 Rev= 3.18
modem same as mr6400 v5