TP-Link ER605 - Pre-upgrade help

I have been using openwrt on Netgear WNR2200 for some time. I now want to buy a new router and thinking of buying TP-Link ER605. Going through the installtion steps I am a bit confused.
When I installed openwrt on WNR2200 it was straight forward through the GUI. but ER605 seems to be a bit complicated,

Just want to know is it too complicated or I can install openwrt via TP-Links original firmware upgrade GUI.

Refering to

I understand I need root access, but is it too complex or can I follow the step by step instructions and get it done.


only you can answer that question ...

if the ER605 isn't extremely cheap, there should be other devices out there, giving more bang for the buck.

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Yes, right now iER605 is available for USD 55. (new brand not used)

Any recomenndation on any other device.

If you don't have any additional requirements, the Belkin RT1800 is $30 on US eBay.

It's using the same SoC.

If you want something beefier, there's the Dell Edge 620, they usually go for around $75, used.

If you want something similar to the ER, but cheaper, check out the Cyberoam CR25ing and CR25Wing.

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Thanks for your advice, I will now look into these.

Some more about the Cyberoam and the Dell.

Two additional options would be the SW302DA and SW301DA, where the 302 would be preferred, as the 301 can't really route at 1gbit, while the 302 can.
They're also fan less.

You shouldn't buy the SWs unless they're really cheap, below $30.
They're great, but old.

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Edgerouter X (ER-X) or Mikrotik RB750gr3
The same SoC as er605v2 :wink: and without wifi too.

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Cyberoam & Dell Edge, can't find in Australia. (ebay US is there but don't know any import fees and or ???)

I will look into Edgrouter / Mikrotik

Thanks. Really appreciate you all for your contributions.

see if you can find a Sophos, Trustwave or Lanner x86 device.

There are plenty of nice x86_64 systems, the problem is only identifying what's currently on the markets around you for a good price - and what its exact specs are.